Hello anyone who may read this,

I feel like I'm really close to wrapping up the wiki, I implemented basically every idea I've had to make the wiki better, more complete, and easier to navigate. There's a couple of stats pages I wanna update, and I'll get to them eventually. Right now I don't have the time to do so, even though it doesn't take much. I promise it wont be more than a couple weeks, so I'll try whenever I get the chance to do at least a page.

I thank everyone who visits the wiki and everyone who helped even a little, this took a while, but I'm pretty satisfied on how it came out. Hopefully it'll help people in this decaying game. AbeI (talk) 22:23, February 5, 2017 (UTC)

Alright, so it took me longer than I expected to resume working, but I also did more than I expected. I plan to finish up cleaning Hidden stats pages, as well as main stats. Couple more days and I'll probably be done. Can't promise this though. Thanks everyone.

AbeI (talk) 07:18, February 9, 2017 (UTC)