The Ranks, from left to right:

Tournament mechanicsEdit


1st Tournament in Fist of Steel: O2oblivionx won, and ranked up to Blazing Avenger

Tournaments have different sizes throughout the Ranks, starting with 16 Brutes in Finger Flicker and Plaster Puller, 32 brutes in Cheeky Slapper and Fist of Steel, and 64 Brutes in all following Ranks.

This also means that there can't be a Tournament in a Rank unless enough Brutes are of level 3 or above and decide to join. The first Finger Flickers appeared on the very day MyBrute v2 was opened. The first few Plaster Pullers a day later. It took another 3 days to get enough brutes for the first Tournament going from Puller to Cheeky Slapper, each subsequent Rank takes a bit longer.

Also noteworthy: Only ONE Brute of a user can be in one Tournament. Should a user decide to enter his second or third brute into a Tournament, each one will enter a separate Tournament.

After Brutal legendEdit


Once a brute reaches Brutal Legend, they earn a Title, "legendary". You can enter a Brutal Legend tournament as soon as you're level 15. Once you win a tournament in Brutal Legend you get "Severed Ears", those serve as a different ranking system and the more ears, the higher the position.. You also reset to Level 1, still as a Brutal Legend, but with one more ear than before. These Severed Ears also earn you Trophies and Titles:

  • Oreille Severed Ears x1
  • Oreille or Severed Ears x3
  • Nero - Severed Ears x10