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MyBrute is an online game created by Motion Twin.

Are you ready for MyBrute? Do you like fights? Then play MyBrute, the most amazing Sit 'n Watch game there is! Create your own Brute and battle it out against the rest of the web. Find disciples, win fights to evolve and make it to the top spot in the rankings. If you make it that far, you just might have what it takes to become a Brutal Legend!

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The Weapons

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The Skills

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The Pets


There is no real gameplay, it is a sit 'n watch game but you have the opportunity to choose Stats, Skills, Pets and Weapons upon leveling up.

After a user creates an account, he can select up to 2 brutes for free. More brutes cost 100 Muxxu Tokens each, Tokens can be acquired by paying a small fee via Paypal, UltimatePayCard or other payment services.

Each brute starts out as a level 1 Padawan. A fight gives 1 Experience Point (EXP), no matter if won or lost. Once a certain amount of EXP points is reached, the brute can level up to the next level. At this point the user gets presented with a choice of 'upgrades' for the brute, usually either a Stat (Endurance, Strength, Agility, Speed} upgrades and either a Weapon, Skill or Pet, or 2 different Stat upgrades. Every skill is accompanied by a brief description that the user can read when hovering over a small '?' with his mouse.

Every day, a brute can have a maximum of 10 training fights, as long as it does not lose 3 times. The 10th fight, or the 3rd loss, means end of training, whichever comes first. A paying user can use 15 Tokens to 'visit the hospital' once per day and brute, and gets another round of 10 fights / 3 losses. You can only go to the hospital once a day per brute.

Also, once per day, a brute can enter a Tournament, once he's level 3 or above (level 15 in Brutal Legend). If the brute wins a Tournament, he has the choice to step up in Rank. If the user decides to rank up the brute, the brute gets reset to level 1 in the next Rank, and the user can chose to get a new 'Destiny' for the brute, or to retain the old Destiny. The Destiny describes the set of choices the brute has on every level up, and is formed like a decision tree. It is therefore useful to make note of the choices one makes with his brute. If the user decides not to rank up the brute, this brute cannot join another Tournament. The user can revisit the Tournament later, and rank up the brute at a time of his choice. This usually happens in lower ranks, to explore the Destiny tree further.

As said, the Training and Tournament fights are purely sit 'n watch. In training the user can select an opponent from a selection of 8 brutes, based on rank and level of the brute-in-training. A brute can fight an opponent only once per day in training (there is a way to fight the same opponent more than once a day, but it requires the user to do 25 fights with different brutes to reset the first brute's opponents).

Target is to rank-up as fast as possible, and reach the Rank of Brutal Legend.


Main article: Glitches

There are various bugs or glitches in the game, some activate in favor of the user, some against. Some activate with skills in combat and some in tournaments. Unfortunately, the probably won't be fixed, as Motion Twin already said production for MyBrute has been closed and no new updates will be added.

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