Interval is a hidden stat in MyBrute. The interval between attacks is influenced by Speed, as well as the weapon in hand. Bodybuilder decreases interval by 25% on blunt weapons.

Skills that influence Edit




1Only applies when a brute has a blunt weapon in hand.

List of weapons by interval Edit

These are the values of interval for each individual weapon:

Weapon Name Interval
Trombone Trombone 2501
Axe Axe2301
Flail2 Flail 2201
Bumps2 Bumps 2001
Halberd Halbard 180
Sword Sword 180
Mammoth bone Mammoth Bone 1601
Morning star Morning Star 1501
Hachet Hatchet 150
Frying pan Frying Pan 1201
Whip Whip 150
Trident Trident 140
Lance Lance 120
Broadsword Broadsword 120
Leek Leek 1101
Baton Baton 100
Keyboard Keyboard 1001
Mug Mug 90
Scimitar Scimitar 80
Tennisracquet Racquet 801
Knife Knife 60
Sai Sai 60
Noodle bowl Noodle Bowl 45
Piou piouz Piopio 32
Fan Fan 28
Shuriken Shuriken 12

1Interval decreased 25% by Bodybuilder