Herculean Strength




Skill Type

Stat Booster




Increases Strength.

Herculean Strength is a Stat Booster in MyBrute. It gives you +3 Strength and +50% Strength when obtained. Also gives you a +50% boost on your Strength level ups you get later on. A Brute can have this and 2 other main stat boosters, but not all 4.

For example, if your brute has 7 strength, it gets +3 which equals 10 and a 50% bonus which in total is 15 strength.

In Game TextEdit

"You're strong enough to move mountains, but first you must defeat your opponent."

Other languagesEdit

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Language Name
France Flag French Force Herculéenne
Germany Flag German Herkulische Kräfte
Spain Flag Spanish Fuerza de Hercules

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