Heavy weapons as shown in the inventory.

Heavy weapons are a type of weapon in MyBrute. They are characterized for being big and blunt. Heavy weapons usually deal high amounts of damage in single hits, but in exchange, most have low Accuracy, Combo Rate and take less advantage of Speed as other weapons do, although this is not always the case.

Most heavy weapons are influenced by Bodybuilder, which slightly makes up for the Speed decrease that they bestow. Their high damage can also be countered by Lead Skeleton, which almost exclusively targets Heavy weapons (with the curious exception of Leek, Keyboard and Racquet, that are influenced by Bodybuilder and Lead Skeleton even though they're considered Fast weapons).

These kind of weapons generally work great with skills such as RelentlessNet and Determination, or with high Agility, which makes up for their low Accuracy. Fierce Brute is also used to take their high damage to it's full extent, in often leads to OHKO's. Flash Flood in combination with these weapons is also considered very effective, mostly due to the fact that they can be thrown all at once, dealing unavoidable damage.

Heavy weapons are extremely vulnerable when up against brute's with high Agility and/or Untouchable. This commonly seen combination is really effective in taking advantage of the low Accuracy of Heavy weapons, which characterizes them. Having one in hand also usually lowers Evasion. The other effective counter for Heavy weapons is Resistant, which limits the damage that can be received and thus nullifying the strong point of Heavy weapons.

List of Heavy weaponsEdit

There are 8 weapons in this category, they are:

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