Sai disarming shuriken

Disarm Rate is a Hidden Stat in MyBrute. It determines how often your brute's attack will disarm your opponent's weapons or Shield. Sai will always disarm your opponent's weapon. Some other weapons like Baton, Lance and Whip also have a high Disarm Rate. Fan has 0% Disarm Rate even with Shock.

Skills that influence Edit





Iron Head


when hit by


List of weapons by Disarm Rate Edit

These are the values for Disarm Rate of each individual weapon:

Weapon Name Disarm Rate
Axe Axe 10%
Baton Baton 25%
Broadsword Broadsword 15%
Bumps2 Bumps 10%
Fan Fan -50%
Flail2 Flail -20%
Frying pan Frying Pan 0%
Halberd Halbard 10%
Hachet Hatchet 0%
Keyboard Keyboard 0%
Knife Knife 0%
Lance Lance 10%
Leek Leek 0%
Mammoth bone Mammoth Bone 10%
Morning star Morning Star 10%
Mug Mug 0%
Noodle bowl Noodle Bowl 0%
Piou piouz Piopio 0%
Tennisracquet Racquet 0%
Sai Sai 100%
Scimitar Scimitar 0%
Shuriken Shuriken -50%
Sword Sword 10%
Trident Trident 20%
Trombone Trombone 50%
Whip Whip 30%