Damage visualized.

Damage is a Hidden stat in MyBrute. It determines the amount of HP that is reduced from a brute after being successfully hit. It also is an essential element of the game. Every time a brute is hit, the damage amount is briefly show above the brute who received the hit.

Damage of all weapons (and bare-handed hits) are increased with Strength. When a weapon is thrown, the damage is influenced by Agility and Strength (the former being more significant.)

Various skills affect damage; some increase damage when using certain weapons, while others reduce the damage done by an opponent. Having a skill that increases Armor, this will decrease the damage received by the amount of Armor points a brute has.


Damage = floor((B + NK) * S * R - A) * H
B = base damage of weapon (constant for each weapon)
N = Strength
K = damage per strength of weapon (constant for each weapon)
S = skills multiplier (Weapons Master x1.50 / Martial Arts x2.00 / Lead Skeleton x0.70)
R = random number between 1.00 and 1.50
A = Armor stat (additive; Armor 5 / Toughened Skin 2)
H = hammer multiplier (x4.00 if Hammer; x1.00 if not)

Skills that influence damage Edit

Skill Weapons affected Amount affected

Weapons Master

Broadsword, Halbard, Knife,

Scimitar, Sword

Fists, Mug +100%
All direct hits

and Flash Flood

All direct hits

and Flash Flood

Axe, Bumps, Flail,

Frying Pan, Keyboard, Leek,
Mammoth Bone, Morning Star,
Racquet, Trombone

Every kind of Damage Maximum 20% the damage of total HP

of the brute receiving the hit

Every direct hit

while active


List of weapons by Damage Edit

These are the values of Damage for each individual weapon:

Weapon Name Damage
Axe Axe551
Baton Baton 6
Broadsword Broadsword 102
Bumps2 Bumps 301
Fan Fan 4
Flail2 Flail 361
Frying pan Frying Pan 171
Halberd Halbard 242
Hachet Hatchet 17
Keyboard Keyboard 71
Knife Knife 72
Lance Lance 12
Leek Leek 51
Mammoth bone Mammoth Bone 141
Morning star Morning Star 201
Mug Mug 83
Noodle bowl Noodle Bowl 10
Piou piouz Piopio 5
Tennisracquet Racquet 61
Sai Sai 8
Scimitar Scimitar 102
Shuriken Shuriken 3
Sword Sword 282
Trident Trident 14
Trombone Trombone 201
Whip Whip 10

1Damage decreased 30% by Lead Skeleton
2Damage increased 50% by Weapons Master
3Damage increased 100% by Martial Arts