Skill Type



Semi Rare


You hit back after you block an attack.

Counter-Attack is a Passive Skill in MyBrute. It gives you a free attack each time you succesfully block an attack. It also increases Block Rate by 10%. This stacks with Shield.

In Game textEdit

"What's the best form of attack? Defense of course! You'll immediately strike back after blocking your opponent's blow."

More factsEdit

  • After someone uses 6th sense, Hostility or Counter-Attack - and you block - you will always counter the next hit, even if you do not block it.
  • Counter-Attack does not trigger in a net-breaking attack combo. It works normally afterwards.
  • Counter-Attack does not trigger after your HP is reduced to zero.
  • Counter-Attack doesn't activate when your opponent Counters your hit and you block it.


  • Although the description says this skill increases evasion (i.e. Dodge Rate), this is not correct. Counter-Attack increases Block Rate by 10% instead.

Other languagesEdit

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Language Name
France Flag French Contre
Germany Flag German Konterangriff
Spain Flag Spanish Contra

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