Brutal Legend is the twelfth and final rank in MyBrute. A brute joins this rank when he wins a Chaos Dentist tournament and ranks up.

Once a brute reaches Brutal Legend, they earn the title legendary.

Tournament and EarsEdit


A brute can enter a Brutal Legend tournament once they reach level 15. Brutal Legend tournaments contain 64 brutes.

After you win a tournament in Brutal Legend you get a Severed Ear, those serve as a different ranking system and the more ears, the higher the position.. You also reset to Level 1, still as a Brutal Legend, but with one more ear than before.

These Severed Ears also earn you Trophies:

  • Oreille Severed Ears x1
  • Oreille or Severed Ears x3
  • Nero - Severed Ears x10